Russian Science Foundation grants over 150M rubles to TPU projects

The Russian Science Foundation (RSF) summarized two grant competitions Conducting Initiative Research By Early-Career Researchers and Conducting Research by Small Team Leaders in the framework of the Presidential Research Funding Program. As a result, the Foundation supported 20 projects of Tomsk Polytechnic University for a total of 156.5 million rubles. This is the largest support ever allocated to scientists and teams from TPU, and the best result among Tomsk-based universities.

Photo: One of the winners of the second competition became Prof. Pavel Strizhak from the Research School of High Energy Physics.

The first competition was geared toward early-career researchers under 33 years, having defended their theses for candidate of sciences (ed. PhD). Here RSF backed 12 projects of TPU early-career researchers.

They are devoted to high-resolution spectroscopy for investigating the atmospheres of the Earth and the planets of the solar system, various fuels, methods for the production of oxo derivatives of betulin (ed: betulin - a plant substance released by the birch-bark), a multi-mode motion control system for an uninhabited underwater vehicle and other topics.

The grants within the competition are allocated until 2020. The full list of the winners is available following the link.

The second competition is focused on the new generation research leaders. The Foundation allocated grants for young candidates of sciences (PhD) and doctors of sciences (DSc) under the age of 35. The three-year grant amounts up to 5 million rubles annually, until 2021, which is possible to renew on a competitive basis to five years. Project leaders should not only to propose an interesting idea but also to gather a young research team. In this competition RSF supported eight TPU projects with total funding of 120 million rubles until 2021.  The full list of the winners is available following the link.

TPU Acting Vice-Rector for Research and Innovations Roman Ostvald notes: ‘The Russian Science Foundation is one of the largest foundations in Russia. It is the main source of grant funding for TPU scientists since RSF has the possibility to support large research projects including applied ones that is very important for us, and research teams as well.

In addition, according to TPU, the Russian Science Foundation currently operates a unique system for the most objective and independent evaluation of the quality of scientific content in Russia.’

According to the TPU Scientific and Technological Programs Office, the University’s applications in these competitions showed the highest effectiveness. In the first competition, the Foundation backed 12 out of 42 applications, in the second eight applications out of 25 received support, i.e. every third. This indicates the quality research component of the applications.