I am going to work at a Russian-Chinese enterprise: a Chinese graduate about his plans and experience at TPU

Yu Xiaolin graduated from a Bachelor degree program in Materials Science and Materials Technology cum laude. Additionally, at the graduate ball, he was awarded a bronze medal for Merits before TPU. He decided to share his plans for the future and experience of living and studying at TPU.

Yu used to study under the 2+2 program, implemented jointly with Shenyang University of Technology (China). For the first two years under this program, he studied Russian language, mathematics and physics in China and the next two year he studied special subjects at TPU. Yu decided to continue his education at TPU.

"After Master program graduation I plan to return to China and work at a joint Russian-Chinese enterprise, help with translation. Additionally, I have a dream to become a teacher of materials science at university in China, simultaneously teaching students and working",

 — says Yu.

"I would like to thank staff members of the Division for Material Sciences. Professor Buyakova after lectures always asked whether we understood everything and whether she should explain something in details, asked what language we were writing lectures. Even when my research supervisor, the associate professor Olga Vaulina, was on a business trip, she still helped me to correct grammatical mistakes in my graduation work".

Speaking about the City, he underlines that Tomsk is a small and quiet city with a very favorable environment for study and student life.

"Our dorm rooms are for 2-3 students and they are very cozy and nice. The head of my dorm helped me, when I was preparing reports for the conference. She showed me where to put stresses in words. Additionally, senior people in a store could tell you which products are better and which ones I should not buy. People here are very kind”.