International Forum Student Technology Entrepreneurship starting at Tomsk Polytechnic University tomorrow

Tomorrow, 14 November 2018, the international forum Student Technology Entrepreneurship starting tomorrow at Tomsk Polytechnic University. During two days, all stakeholders including universities, corporations, and representatives of infrastructure and authorities, interested in the development of youth entrepreneurship will work at the forum. 

The objective of the Forum is to discuss and consolidate the global best practices for the development of technology entrepreneurship expertise within engineering programs, share experience and elaborate recommendations for teaching entrepreneurship at the universities of the country. The recommendations will be submitted to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

According to organizers, the entrepreneurial mission becomes one of the priorities of the Russian universities and a modern university is now complemented with new roles bound to the development of social and economic environment of a city or a region. One of the most important tools to achieve this objective is the development of an entrepreneurial mindset of university students.

The Forum will be opened on 14 November at 12 am with a discussion panel devoted to the issue of universities’ capability to grow up entrepreneurs out of students (the coworking Tochka Kipeniya , 26 Lenin Ave.).

Speakers of the discussion will be Deputy Governor of Tomsk Oblast Andrei Antonov, Director of Department of State Policy in Higher Education and Youth Policy of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education Artemy Rozhkov, TPU Rector Petr Chubik, Manager of New Venture & Entrepreneurship of the University of Utah (USA ) Spencer Walker, Senior Advisor for Research and Innovation, CESAER Ricardo L. Migueis and others. The experts will be representatives of Rubius, RVC, SibEDGE, GK WIN Corp and Russian universities.


The Forum is organized by Tomsk Polytechnic University with partner support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the Administration of Tomsk Oblast, Russian Venture Company, CLUSTER, CESAER, the National Training Foundation, the Association for Engineering Education Of Russia, the Association of Technical Universities, eNano (a subsidiary of RUSNANO Group), Tomsk Consortium of Scientific, Educational and Scientific Organizations, WIN Business Solutions,  the program of innovation and entrepreneurship in universities Insight.