TPU presents its advanced training expertise to participants of Erasmus+ project

A representative of Tomsk Polytechnic University became a participant of the first working meeting of the Erasmus+ project EngineeriNg educaTors pEdagogical tRaining (ENTER), which was held in Porto (Portugal). The meeting brought together 13 large educational institutions from Russia, Portugal, Slovakia, Estonia, and Kazakhstan. 

Photo: Participants of the working meeting

In 2018, one of TPU applications for EU grants was supported by Erasmus+ programme. The coordinator of the project is Instituto Politécnico do Porto (Polytechnic Institute of Porto). The members of the consortium are universities and associations from Slovakia, Estonia, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

Within the first working meeting, Olga Ponomareva, PhD, Associate Professor from the Research Center for Management and Technologies in Higher Education told the participants about the main directions of TPU activities, its achievements, including in advanced training for engineering faculty, staff, and administrators of the university. 

‘Now TPU has huge experience in engineering training, cooperates with Russian leading companies, is equipped with substantial material and technical base for training specialists and conducting research. In addition, the Research Center for Management and Technologies in Higher Education provides master programs (Innovation in Higher Education, Management in Research and Education), MBA program (Management in Research and Educational Organization), professional retraining and advanced training for faculty, administrators and staff of the university (HEd Teacher and many others).

Therefore, the TPU experience undoubtedly will become a valuable contribution to the implementation of the ENTER project,’

she says.

The representatives of Tallinn Technical University, Dubnitsa Institute of Technology, Kazan National Research Technological University, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, and other participating organizations also presented their work.

‘The event was very fruitful. We all got familiar with the specifics of each institution and began to exchange our experience. Tomsk Polytechnic University is responsible for the working package No. 2 Design of Educational Programs of Pedagogical Training for Engineering Teachers. At the first working meeting we outlined an action plan that will help the consortium members to get acquainted in more detail with the best practices of European, Kazakhstani, Russian universities, including TPU, and further to design high-demand and efficient advanced training programs for the faculty of engineering universities,’ notes Olga Ponomareva.