Invaluable professional experience: a graduate about TPU opportunities

Timofey Alishin graduated from Tomsk Polytechnic University with a master degree in Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology. During his study, he managed to work at one of the leading universities in China and apply skills acquired in TPU abroad. Now he is going to pursue a PhD course at TPU. 

Photo: Timofey Alishin in China

Timofey told that he always liked technology and since his childhood, he has been fond of designing various mechanisms. He was interested in materials the properties of which directly impacted on the details characteristics, therefore, thinking of a university program he decided between materials science and mechanical engineering.

‘I am glad that I decided for the School of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and materials science. 

I believe that the biggest achievements of my study in TPU are acquired skills and professional competences. I was greatly impressed by a business trip to Chongqing University of Science and Art. During my work in China, I gained invaluable professional experience as well as practical skills in communication with foreign colleagues,’

says the TPU graduate.

In the nearest future, Timofey plans to enter a PhD program and gain new knowledge and skills in his professional area as well as focus on learning foreign languages.

‘Studying at university is hard work and sometimes it seems that you have no energies to tackle the accumulated problems of study and other aspects of your life. But I would like to advise freshmen not to despair at such moments. 

The University provides plenty of opportunities to fulfil your potential in academics, science, sports, cultural and social activities. Take advantage of these opportunities, do not be afraid to make mistakes and never lose confidence in your abilities.

Discover something new and interesting for yourself, do your favorite things, look for like-minded people, and make new friends!’ notes Timofey.