In 2020, 20 water treatment facilities to locate in seven Tomsk districts

In 2020, 20 local water treatment facilities, designed and created by Tomsk Polytechnic University, will be located in 19 settlements of the region. The press service of Tomsk administration informs that 80 million rubles will be allocated from the regional budget for these purposes.

The Clean Water program was launched in the region in 2017 to initiate the installation of water treatment facilities in various settlements of the Tomsk region. Over these years, clean drinking water accessibility for residents of Tomsk settlements has increased by 50%.

These facilities were created by the specialists of the TPU School of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. They developed a green technology and necessary equipment for water treatment. In the first year, these facilities were assembled in 69 settlements of the region. They provided 56.5 thousand rural residents with free access to clean drinking water. In 2018, TPU experts assembled 47 facilities, in 2019 – 21. These facilities work as electronic wells where local residents can get water.   

“As promised, we will continue the Clean Water program until we solve the issue. This year, another 11 thousand rural residents will get clean drinking water,” Sergei Zhvachkin, Governor of Tomsk region, says.

Moreover, 10 of the 20 new facilities will provide clean water directly into central water-supply system. These are stations in the Tomsk region, in Bakchar, Molchanovo and two settlements of the Krivosheinsky district. "

In 2020, Governor Sergei Zhvachkin supported an increase in the program funding by more than one and a half times, compared to 2019, which amounted to 80 million rubles. 11.5 million of this funding will be allocated to the maintenance of 139 previously assembled stations.