A Research Center for Nuclear Medicine is Being Created at TPU

Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk National Research Medical Center (Tomsk NRMC), and the MedInvestGroup have agreed to establish the R&D Center for Nuclear Medicine in Tomsk. It will be located at TPU and employ the university infrastructure.

Today, May 12, at 14:30, the partnership agreement will be signed by Andrey Yakovlev, TPU First Vice-Rector and Vadim Stepanov, Director of Tomsk NRMC, and Viktor Babikov, MedInvestGroup Project Manager.

“The TPU infrastructure and professionals enable the participation in this large-scale project jointly with the major medical holding and Tomsk Scientific and Research Center.  TPU operates the only training research reactor in Russia, the R-7M cyclotron, a cleanroom complex, hot chambers and boxes.

We have developed technologies and launched the production of a number of isotopes for radiopharmaceuticals, implemented training programs in nuclear sciences, created a partner network including the field of nuclear medicine,” Andrey Yakovlev notes.

The new platform will be used to integrate science, education, and business to solve strategically important tasks for the region and the country. The cooperation is aimed at training and retraining of medical physicists, radiologists, including clinical studies using the PET / CT method.

The Tomsk Center for Nuclear Medicine will operate within the compulsory medical insurance system and carry out diagnostic studies in the region. The design capacity will be 5,000 patients per year.

“For the group of companies, cooperation with the scientific community is one of the strategic directions. Due to Russian techbologies, patients in the Tomsk Region will receive modern and high-quality medical care,”

Alexey Sudakov, Vice President of MedInvestGroup, says.

The university building 11 is planned to house the PET-Technology Research Center for Nuclear Medicine. The imported raw materials of fluorodeoxyglucose and radiopharmaceutical produced at TPU will make the source of the radiopharmaceuticals for the Research Center. The TPU Cyclotron R-7M can produce Galium-68 PSMA for diagnosis of prostate cancer and 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose (18F-FDG) to diagnose most of malignant neoplasms. Along with radiopharmaceuticals for PET / CT, the project includes drugs for the treatment of prostate cancer based on lutetium-177, which production technology was developed at TPU.

The R&D center will also include the TPU Radiopharmaceuticals Quality Control Laboratory, a set of classrooms, educational and research laboratories for training specialists and conducting studies.


MedInvestGroup is a Russian company engaged in the development of large-scale medical projects.