Smart Monitoring of Free Parking Spaces is Launched Next to a TPU Building

A young researcher of Tomsk Polytechnic University developed a service that monitors parking spaces and finds free spots for cars. It was launched in test mode  next to the 19th building.

SPOT (Smart Parking Occupation Tracking) was created by Ali Ozdiev, junior researcher of the Tomsk Open Laboratory for Material Inspection of TPU School of Non-Destructive Testing. SPOT is based on CCTV camera aimed at the parking space and a single-board microcomputer, which is a kind of AI sensor analyzing the video stream. The sensor algorithms use machine-learning methods, developed by the researcher.

SPOT will collect data within the Living Laboratory experiment of the Center for Urban Development of the Tomsk Region until August 10. The partner of the experiment is the University Hostel LLC.

“Living Laboratory is a local testing site, where the technology undergoes testing and receives feedback from consumers and stakeholders. The smart parking service is relevant since it can make urban environments more comfortable and resident-friendly.

We decided to choose this parking as test ground since it is in demand: students, teachers, and companies’ employees use it. We would like to find ways to promote this technology in Tomsk,” Maria Makeeva, a project manager of the Center for Urban Development says.

To find a free parking spot, users need to visit the service website and study parking scheme identifying free and occupied spots.

“SPOTParking is being carried out as an experiment. It is important to find out the ways the technology will work in the actual urban environment, its popularity, and its user-friendliness. Users’ feedback will help to improve the service,” Ali Ozdiev says.

You are welcome to participate in the experiments and share your feedback. To take part in you need to submit an application by calling 89521630626 or e-mailing

You can follow the experiment in the official groups of the Center for Urban Development in social networks,, and groups of SPOTParking.