TPU to Train Next Generation of Environmental Engineers for Asian Countries

The TPU School of Earth Sciences and Engineering is starting a new Master`s Degree program in Environmental Engineering and Sustainability, designed for international students from East and Southeast Asia.

“We are very experienced in working with international students and colleagues from leading foreign universities. We successfully implemented a double degree program with French universities, arranged joint practical training sessions, internships, seminars, classes for students in English. We have all the required teaching aids. Based on the global experience, we upgrade our educational programs,” Natalya Baranovskaya, Professor of the TPU Division for Geology, a supervisor of the new educational program, says.

The new educational program content is geared towards modern requirements to engineering education in ecology and natural resource management. Along with traditional disciplines such as Environmental Monitoring, Analytical Research Methods, Modern Problems of Ecology and Natural Resource Management, it will also include a big block of subjects, related to a complete product life-cycle.

We focused on the courses which are taught abroad and sought after by employers. They reflect the global trends pertaining to a product life-cycle assessment and material flow analysis. There is nothing like that at any other Russian university. The program addresses ecological problems at each stage of production, from raw material extraction to final product disposal and is applicable to any field: whether it is mineral resources extraction or plastic production.

We will train the next generation of environmental engineers who will help enterprises reduce ecological and financial risks and improve the production process with regard to its environmental impact,”

Natalya Baranovskaya explains.

Besides the knowledge in a product life-cycle, master`s degree students will study the subjects, related to big data analysis.

“We called this program module GIS-Technologies in Earth Sciences. It will be focused on working with software suites for processing big data and data visualization methods, such as plotting maps, diagrams and graphs,” the supervisor of the educational program notes.

The master`s program will be taught in Russian and English. The Environmental Engineering and Sustainability Master`s Program in English is limited to 10 students. First of all, it is designed for international students from China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and other Asian countries, where such specialists are in high demand. However, Russian students and students from any other country can be admitted as well. The admission starts in February 2021.

“The advantage of our students is our close scientific relations with international universities. We cooperate with Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Sorbonne University, University of Technology of Troyes, University of Strasbourg and China University of Geosciences. It involves joint seminars and lectures delivered by professors from partner universities. We are currently negotiating the arrangement of internship programs and planning on cooperation with industrial partners,” Natalya Baranovskaya says.