TPU Holds Science Day of Italy in May

On May 13, Tomsk Polytechnic University holds a Day of Italy. Italian scientists jointly with their colleagues from TPU will discuss the latest tendencies in biotechnology, green chemistry, new materials, a zero-waste industry, as well as will discuss possible joint projects.

The event is held in a hybrid mode. The Italian scientists will take part in a seminar online, while the TPU scientists will work face-to-face. The broadcast of the event will be available by the link. The seminar begins at 14:00 (Tomsk time zone). The working language is English.

“TPU is a significant university on the map of the international cooperation. We invited Italian scientists to the seminar in order to find joint projects for collaboration. We will discuss science, the university projects of the two countries. I consider that cooperation with TPU has a lot of potential for leading Italian universities.  All interested people can join the seminar as attendees,” Antonio Di Martino, Associate Professor of the TPU Research School of Chemistry and Applied Biomedical Sciences, says.

The Italian and TPU scientists will make small reports at the event. Thus, the TPU scientists will tell about biomass densification, functional materials and drug delivery.

The researchers from Sapienza University of Rome will tell about bio- and nanomaterials for green chemistry, recycling of lithium-ion batteries and nanostructures in electroanalytical methods. The scientists of the European Institute of Oncology (Milan) will speak about the gender dimension in science. Meanwhile, the scientists from Italian Institute of Technology (Genoa) will tell about anodic nanoporous oxides and the scientists from the University of Messina will speak about a zero-waste industry and how seaweed biorefinery is related to it.

The full program is available by the link.