Punctuation Olympiad and Literacy Workshops: TPU Holds Festival of Russian Language and Culture

From December 6 to 15, the TPU Division for Russian Language is holding the XVII Ten-Day Festival of Russian Language and Culture. This year, the Festival events are being held in a hybrid mode. The events are being held for both TPU students and students of other universities.

“In 2021, in honor of a significant event for TPU — passing the selection in the Priority 2030 program, the traditional Festival of Russian Language and Culture received the title of My Priorities. Contests, workshops and an online olympiad are planned for participants. I believe that everyone can find something interesting for himself,” says Marina Bokhonnaya, Associate Professor of the TPU Division for Russian Language and a Festival organizer.

International students can become participants of the My Priorities recitation contest. To take part in the contest, it is required to record a video reciting a favorite poem in Russian. The organizers have already received over 60 applications from international students of the TPU Pre-University Department and full-time students of Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk State University, Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio-electronics (TUSUR University), Tomsk State University of Architecture and Construction, Tomsk State Pedagogical University, Siberian State Medical University and other universities.

“It is the first time when international students from other regions of Russia — representatives of the Department of Pre-University Education of the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute joined us. These are guys from the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia. Attendees of the Departments of Pre-University Education of Moscow State University of Technology STANKIN and Voronezh State University also joined us. We received the participants’ applications from China, Namibia, Mongolia, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Egypt, India, Ecuador, the Republic of Kenya, Lebanon, Iran, Afghanistan and the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire,” adds Marinna Bokhonnaya.

Moreover, the international students of the TPU Pre-University Department can take part in the 20 30 online poem contest (10 December at 14:35, following the link: meeting ID: 685 620 2147, access code: bVSM8W). Students from Mongolia, South Africa, Lebanon, India, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Iran, Syria and China will take part in the 20 30 poem contest. Everyone interested can take part in the Priority 2021 – World Reads Dostoevsky reading prose contest.

“We suggest TPU students and professors join the Set Priorities online punctuation olympiad. To take part, it is required to follow the link and insert punctuation marks in the given text. The first three participants who complete the task right will become winners,” explains the Festival organizer.

Interesting workshops are planned for TPU students and staff. For first-year students, the organizers prepared an interactive class on writing a research work “Priority – Head for Term Paper”. The class will be held face-to-face in compliance with all required epidemic-prevention measures in classroom 140 of TPU academic building No. 19 (4A Usova Street) on December 15 at 14:35. TPU staff is invited to the Priority to Literacy workshop. The workshop will be dedicated to norms of pronunciation, stress, right usage is different phrases and expressions related to work at university. The workshop will be held in classroom 443 of TPU academic building No. 19 (4A Usova Street) on December 13 at 12:40.

“The contest of reading prose and poems ‘Priority’ will become one more event for the staff of the TPU Division for Russian Language. It is a contest on spontaneous improvisatory dramatic reading in the format of the ‘Open Your Mouth’ championships. The jury consisting of an actor of Tomsk Drama Theatre Anton Antonov, a TV presenter and journalist Alesya Kurnosova, an expert in Exposition and Exhibition Activity of the TPU Office of Cultural Heritage and Community Management Vadim Lobanov will assess reading prose and poems of our staff,” tells Marina Bokhonnaya, specifying that the contest will be held in classroom 423 of TPU building No. 19 (4A Usova Street) on December 8 at 14:00.

The results of the Festival events will be summed up on December 15. Everyone willing to take part in the Festival can submit their applications via bokhonnayame@tpu.ru.